Tips to enhance your skills for successfully playing the football

Fans of football worldwide wish to watch live football matches and play football in their free time. They prefer video games with the football theme and listen to guidelines about how to enhance their football playing skills.

They understand that football requires different skills that they must learn. They have some athletic ability to do different things like run, maintain the balance, change the direction and act as per the current situation. However, they require learning specific skills to be successful in the football game play. They can learn and become master in football playing skills one after another by proper training and regular practice. They have to keep in mind about the overall significance of the proper communication on time and team-work on the field.


Dribbling the ball in this game is vital because it lets the player to keep the possession of the ball while creating space to make a pass or shoot. Football player also use the dribbling while moving towards the end of the field of the opponent. If you are a beginner to the dribbling technique, then you require lots of practices.

There are many techniques used to enhance dribbling. The closed space dribbling drill is a leading dribbling technique. In the closed space dribbling drill, players have to place 3 cones on the ground in the square or triangle with two feet apart. They have to dribble between such cones via surfaces of their feet. They can guide the ball by quick touches. They have to do it around the cones as control as possible.

Experienced football players use the cone drill method for beginners. In this popular football practice, players have to line up six to ten cones with five yards apart. They can weave through the cones by dribbling with their feet’s inside. They can repeat this process by alternating between outside and inside of their feet. They have to be conscious about how they circle right and left around each one.


Juggling assists al players with their ball control and also coordination. You can make use of this method to enhance your reactions. If you practice juggling at least 15 minutes per day, then you can get a good improvement in the football playing skills. This is advisable to increase the total number of times you keep your ball in the air. The following details explain you about how to practice juggling.

  • Hold the ball with both hands
  • Drop the ball to the ground
  • Use one of your feet to tap the ball up
  • Catch the ball with your hand
  • Repeat and tap with your foot twice before catching the ball
  • Increase the number of times you tap the ball before catching it
  • Alternate feet during this juggling practice session

Regular football practices are very important for all beginners who wish to become skilled at football playing. You can spend enough time day after day for practicing the best football playing techniques one after another. You will become a qualified and successful football player as expected.