Focus on the latest news about the European Super League

English clubs are silent amid new claims of the interest of European Super League. The major clubs in England have refused to comment on documents about the European Super League formation leaked.  Many football players and fans of football were shocked about this news because they did not guess about the creation of independent football league within a few years.

Some of the names in documents released by football leagues were Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. These documents were published by the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

These documents claim that sixteen clubs would leave their domestic competitions and play in the new league in 2021. This move would lead to loads of questions regarding the future of the popular domestic leagues as well as major competitions.

Some of other clubs revealed in this list are Paris St Germain, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan.  There are five other clubs allegedly to be called as initial guests.

Some popular football clubs declined to comment for this important issue are United, City and Liverpool. Listeners to the latest news about the press association sport get the most expected guidance and make a good decision about the football sport entertainment.

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is the chairman of the European Club Association. He issued the latest statement to reject documents and stating that his club has a commitment to playing in the Bundesliga on a regular basis.  The FC Bayern Munich nowadays stands by the membership of Bundesliga until he is the chairman of this board.  The overall club competitions arranged jointly by ECA and UEFA play the main roles behind the improved success rate of the football club.

FC Bayern is unaware of the latest plans for super league. FC Bayern and Der Spiegel have not taken part in the discussions and negotiations associated with such plans. FC Bayern not yet aware of why it is placed in the list revealed by the document quoted in the context.

On the other hand, Der Spiegel has properly reported the latest document was sent to the Real Madrid with a plan for finalizing arrangements at the end of this month.  As per the published documents, the eleven founds of this league may be immune from the risk of relegation with membership guaranteed for two decades.

The five clubs actually invited to join as guests in the upcoming European Super League are Roma, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Atletico Madrid.  Individuals who listen to the most recent story about the European Super League these days understand that documents claimed current FIFA president and Gianni Infantino, UEFA boss helped for arranging more than usual lenient penalty for Paris St Germain and Manchester City while they be ensured about to be contravene Financial Fair play rules in 2014.
Manchester City revealed that this team is not willing to provide comments on out of the context materials stolen or hacked purportedly from the City Football Club, personnel of Manchester City and associated people.