Detailed review about football

Association football is also known as soccer or football and it is the team sport which could be played with the spherical ball between two teams of the eleven players. It is played by the 250 millions players across 200 countries which makes world’s famous sport.

This kind of the game is played on rectangular field which is called pitch with goal at each end. The main object of game is to score by moving ball beyond goal line to opposing goal. Association football is one of the families of football codes which is emerged from different kinds of the ball games played across the world.

To know about football game
In football game, players are not allowed to touch ball with the arms or hands when it is in play and except for goalkeepers within penalty area. The rules of the association football are codified in England by football association in the year of 1863. Football is played at the professional level around the world. Millions of the people go to football stadiums in order to follow their desire teams. There are 17 laws in official laws of game and each contains collections of the guidelines and stipulation. The same law could be designed to apply all levels of the football.

However certain modifications are available for groups such as seniors, juniors, women and people with the physical disabilities could be permitted. Each team consists of the maximum of the eleven players and one of whom should be goalkeeper. When it comes to the basic kit or equipment to wear includes footwear, adequate shin guards, socks, shorts and so on. Number of the player could be replaced by the substitutes during course of game. The maximum number of the substitutions permitted in competitive domestic and international league games. Game is officiated by referee who is having full authority in order to enforce laws of game in connection with match. There are vast numbers of the references are available to ancient, traditional or prehistoric ball games which is played by indigenous people in different parts of world.

Contemporary codes of the football could be traced back to codification of games at English public schools during 19th century. It could be grouped into the two main classes of the football like Canadian football and American football. In all codes, common skills are required which includes tackling, passing, catching and kicking and evasion of the tackles.

Things to know about football

In Europe, early football is made out of the animal bladders specifically pig’s bladders which are inflated. Later leather covering could be introduced to allow balls in order to keep their shape. Number of the players might be replaced by substitutes during course of game. Earliest reference to game of the football involves players passing ball and attempting to score. The ball is spherical with the circumference of between 68 and 70 centimeters and weight is up to 410 to 450 grams. Standard adult football match might consist of two halves of the 45 minutes each.