Juventus has never been that good

Juventus with Cristiano Ronaldo writes history. The Serie Italian champion made a record victory over Saturday’s victory against Cagliari, which goes even beyond the 2005/2006 season.

For Juventus , the first 11 league matches in this season, and the payout is straightforward. The old lady who defended the title of the champion won ten times in eleven matches, but she remarried once and scored 31 points on her account.

The whole world is making fun of Pogba, and the final hit is by Usain Bolt

Manchester United made it to the fifth win of the season this season, while the leading hit by Pau Pogba is still raging a lot of dust.

In reality, the entire global is making a laugh of the French, and Usain Bolt is at the back of it. within the twenty seventh minute, the striker carried out a penalty, which he did in his unusual manner. For ten seconds, he crossed the shot and made 26 steps, but he could not finish his witty performance with successful. The ball was hit by using the ball and the soccer participant shook the net after the ball turned into dropped.


Bolt wrote on the social network: “My run of 100 meters takes less than your execution of the most severe punishment.” 

According Spanish news Antonio Conte in place of Julen Lopetegui

At Camp Nou Luis Suarez and others Catalans with five goals seized Real Madrid.

Barcelona 5, Real Madrid 1. In the first El Clasico without Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo following eleven years, Luis Suarez ventured into their (as well) enormous shoes, which scored three objectives in the Catalan club with the Madrid strikers and fixed the destiny of the mentor Jules Lopetegui on the Madrid bench. Today, the club will be affirmed by the new mentor, Antonio Conte.

“Real is as yet an extraordinary group, yet he’s lost a lot. For precedent, 50 to 60 objectives scored by Ronaldo. He is a remarkable player, in light of objectives, as well as on account of his execution and other critical details. He is basic, “Punch Guardiola was clear before the derby.

Maurizio Sarri is better than Jose Mourinho

Maurizio Sarri is Chelsea’s total trainer! The Italian coach in London writes about the history of this club, being the first coach in the history of Chelsea, who was never defeated in the first ten matches.

Chelsea won all three games in the Europa League and eliminated Liverpool in the Carabao Cup and advanced to the fourth round. The only defeat that Sarrie experienced at Chelsea was the defeat at the Super Cup match against Manchester City at the very beginning of the season.

Ultimately, Ricciardo smiled happily

Red Bulla will have their two racers at the F1 Sunday F1 Championship for Mexico City in Ciudad de Mexica, with Daniel Ricciardo starting with the first place.

The Australian, who has an unbelievably high resin this year and will race Renault next season, in his last attempt he defeat his teammate Max Verstappen , who was the fastest in all three free practice before qualifying.

The Atletico striker is in a ‘shooting’ crisis

Atletico Madrid leads the Spanish Championship championship but still has reserves that he does not use. Diego Costa has come as a big reinforcement, but for the moment it’s not.

The victory also had some bitter trick. In the first place for the Brazilian striker Atletico Diega Costo , who started the match and played it all but remained empty. Saturday’s match against Real Sociedad was won with a 2-0 result and took the lead in the Spanish championship.

Jan Oblak is the best in the world

Jan Oblak was the one for which Miguel Angel Moya never became the first goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid. Spaniard is deeply respected by the Slovenian goalkeeper.

In 2014 Miguel Angel Moya moved to Atletico and planned a great career. But he did not know that he would quickly become a reserve to the Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Obak, who came from the Portuguese Benfica and exploded.

For me, Jan Oblak is the best goalkeeper in the world, he decides perfectly. Perhaps the Courtois is the best in the air, and Ter Stegen is in the game with his legs.

Inter continue to be in red numbers

The Italian giant Inter also concluded with a high loss in the past season, but the revenue structure and future prospects for the club’s leaders give a lot of optimism.

Milan’s giants Milan and Inter have been a true specialist in recent years in creating huge business losses, which are constantly on the ice because of failure to comply with the rules laid down by the Financial Fair Play. Samir Handanovic was the best indoor player in Barcelona.

An experienced Slovenian goalkeeper estimates that Inter at Camp Nou simply did not take the risk of getting a better result. Milan thus suffered more than 120 million euros in business losses last season , but his new owner, who paid off all the worst receivables, saved his skin.

Juve easily mastered the pale United

Victory of Juventus on Old Trafford was minimal, but the power ratio between the Italian champion and Manchester United is quite different.


Guests from Turin are at Old Trafford, where former Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the game tonight. The Portuguese star once played successfully for red devils, but in the old lady’ jersey he tried to secure new points for the Turin players.

Manchester United – Juventus 0:1 (0:1) 
Dybala 17.

Kimi Räikkönen wins US Grand Prix, Hamilton finished third

Kimi Räikkönen is the big Formula One Formula One winner in Austin after he started well and confered a big enough advantage to prevent the competitors from coming to an end at the end of the race. Second place was won by Max Verstappen, and the third by Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel was fourth and still remains in the fight for the title of world champion.

Lewis Hamilton  (Mercedes) handed over the lead to Kimio Räikkönen  (Ferrari) at the start of the race, which the Finn managed to keep up to the end with intermediate transfers.  Sebastian Vettel, the second Ferrari driver , spun up in the first round, but eventually managed to reach the fourth place, remaining in the theoretical battle for the title of the world champion along with Hamilton in the championship.