Are you interested in knowing about racing cars?

The most common and well known racing car is Formula1 or often called F1. Are you aware of how it has started?

Let’s throw some light on how it became everyone’s favorite.


Formula 1, the name we all are familiar with, was initially called as Formula A. As the name suggests it has certain set of rules which has to be followed by every participant cars. Though the idea of Formula1 drivers’ championship was planned in 1930s but it never happened because of World War II. But in 1946, the idea was rekindled and the race took place in the same year.
F1 was sanctioned by Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA) and is owned by Formula One Group. It is one of the highest class single seater autos racing car.

Rules to be followed to participate in Formula One

There are a series of races known as Grand Prix. ‘Grand Prix’ is a French word meaning ‘grand prizes’. The race happens on public roads and takes place worldwide. The result of the race is judged for two championships – one for driver and for the constructors and is evaluated on basis of points. Drivers participating must hold super license which is issued by FIA.
The car racing takes place on tracks graded’1’ the rating of which is issued by FIA. Mostly the events occur in rural areas on purpose built tracks. Sometimes it takes place on city streets as well.

Any type of car can be given the name Formula One?

No not at all. There are few specifications for F1. It is considered as the fastest high speed road-course racing cars. The cars have underwent a lot of changes in 2017:

  • Wider front and rear wings
  • Wider tyres
  • Maximum speed is 375 km/hr (235 mph)