Interesting information about Formula 1

Formula one is also known as F1 and it is the premier class of solo seater auto racing which is sanctioned by federation international de I ‘Automobile. It is owned by formula one group.

According to the reports say that FIA formula one world competition could be one of the premier form of the racing across the word. Formula refers to set of rules in which all participants car must conform. F1 season consists of series of the races which are known as grands prix which could be held around the world on public roads and purpose built circuits.

Surprising facts about formula one

The result of the each race could be evaluated by using points system in order to decide two annual world championships like one for drivers and other for constructors. In order to participate in this race, driver must hold valid license and highest class of the racing license which is issued by FIA. At the same time, races are required to be held on the tracks graded 1 that is formerly known as A. On the other hand, highest grade rating could be issued by FIA. Majority of the tournaments are held in the rural places on purpose constructed tracks. As everyone knows formula one vehicles are fastest regulated road course racing cars around the world which is owing to high cornering speed that could be achieved via generation of large amounts of the aerodynamic down force. There are awesome numbers of the features are associated with the formula 1 such as

  • Shark fin style and t-wings engine covers outlawed
  • Suspension system which might alter car aero performance over lap might not be allowed
  • Halo cockpit protection device mandatory
  • Simplified grid penalties for power unit changes
  • Drivers allowed three rather than four power units per season
  • Wider range of the dry tyre compounds

Formula one is established during the time of world war II and it is the first non competition race that is being held this year. The first championship for driver was won by the Italian Gluseppe Farina in Alfa Romeo in the year of 1950. Recent survey reports that Ferrari and Michael Schumacher won 6 consecutive constructors championships and 5 consecutive driver championships. Actually Schumacher might set many new records which include wins in the season, Grand prix wins and most driver championships.

Detailed information about formula one

Formula one could be dominated by the specialist race terms like Benetton, McLaren and Williams. In order to compensate for loss of the manufacture team, 4 new team could be accepted entry into 2010 season. Battle for control of the formula one was contested between FISA (Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile). The terms world championship race and formula one race are synonymous. Each race has counted towards the official FIA world championship. Each world championship race could be held to the formula one regulations. You can also get information in online to know about the formula one race in detail.