Highlighting the most watched sports league in the world

The Premier League often referred to as English Premier League (EPL) was founded in 20th February 1992 when the top 22 clubs split to form the Premier League. The League features different professional football clubs from England and Wales. It is a corporation in which the club members act as the shareholders.

The season of Premier League is from August to May and each team participating have to play 38 matches. Since 1992, 49 clubs have participated in the League. 6 of then won the title since then. Manchester United (13), Chelsea (5), Manchester City (3), Blackburn Rovers (1), Leicester City (1), Arsenal (3). Since 2003-04 season, Arsenal has not lost a single game and has acquired the nick name “The invincibles”.

Structure of EPL
The League is a corporation in which the club members act as the shareholders. Daily operations of the league are overseen by the chairman, chief executive and board of directors chosen by the club members. The Football Association does not interfere into the daily operations of the league but has a veto power to select the chairman and chief executive of the league.

Format of EPL

Total number of clubs playing the league is 20. They have to play 38 games – once at their home stadium and the 2nd game at the home stadium of the opponent club. It any team wins, it will score 3 points and if it is a draw then it will score 1 point. No points for losing the game. Teams are then ranked on the basis of total points, goal difference and goals scored. If the teams are equal they will occupy same position. If there is a tie, a play-off match is conducted to decide the rank.
There are 3 leagues below the Premier League:

  • Championship
  • League One
  • League Two