Football leaks claims Euro Super League talks actually held by the clubs

The top and leading European football clubs have secretly held the discussions to make the European Super League based on the report given by Der Spiegel, German Publication.

What Der Spiegel German publication revealed?

The claims of newspaper leaked the related documents which show the breakaway league might be made in the year of 2021 and see the football clubs involved leave their football associations and national leagues. This Der Spiegel German publication also declares the separate documents in order to show the Manchester city and also Paris St-Germain avoided the economic fair play sanctions with the intervention of the Fifa President Gianni Infantino. The premier football league champions city actually said that they won’t comment on out of required context materials which are professionally stolen or hacked. This publication also says it source of information is the whistleblower who is called as John and he claims that neither he nor his football associates are hackers.
He also told that they have the best sources and also a strong network providing them with the huge amounts of information to the Der Spiegel. The following details will give you all information about the European Super League. This German publication usually claims the Real Madrid which has joined the forces with the Arsenal, AC Milan, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich and also the Manchester United to form a perfect group of seven sides who went at the rear of the back portion of Uefa, the governing body of the European football and also to discuss forming the European Super League. As a part of their plan, the European football clubs supposedly discussed an option to leave the national league and also their football associates totally behind.

Other considerable information:

  • Bayern Munich are also believed to have explored the required legal difficulties of the breakaway and one of the documents from the Der Spiegel publication says that it has seen the binding term sheet that 16 football clubs might sign to form a legal European Super League.
  • It is also claimed the new competition which would involve 11 of the biggest football clubs of Europe known as the founders along with the 5 initial guests.
  • The related founders who might include the 7 football clubs named above along with Liverpool, Chelsea, Paris St-Germain and also Manchester City.
  • All of them would not face the demotion and would also be guaranteed a membership for over 20 years. Der Spiegel publication also reports that the 5 initial guests based on the documents would be Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Marseille, Inter Milan and Roma.
  • When considering the statement of the Bayern Munich, he said that they were unaware of the latest plans for the upcoming European Super League and had not also taken a part in the negotiations regarding such plans.

United is refused to comment while AC Milan, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Juventus have been contacted for their amazing response by the BBC sport.