2019 Formula 1 of Red Bull results key portion of Honda future decision

The results of Honda with red bull this year will be an essential factor in whether the manufacturer of Japanese continues its promise to formula 1 beyond 2020.

The Honda and Red bull have started a new 2 year partnerships on this season as well as in their initial grand prix together in the Australian season icebreaker that they scored the initial platform in Honda, since it returned to the network. One of the biggest targets for this season is to score more winning.

As like several participants, the Honda wants to commit to the new F1 deal beyond and 2020. While raising the question how vital the red bull chance is to induce the company to do so, the Honda F1 MD Masashi Yamamoto has told to the auto sport of this year would be more essential for Honda to imagine about how you can execute after 2020 with formula 1. Yamamoto also speaks about this during the GP weekend of Australia and also added that they have to judge the complete circumstance. One essential factor about 2021 regulations are going to be included the marketing and business around F1.

The final thing is the outcomes that you can make with red bull. They cannot even simply decide from single thing. F1 also represented its different stake holders with its large vision for 2021 at a meeting in London on Tuesday in advance to this Bahrain GP of a weekend. Yamamoto also had indicated in advance to this the direction of rule makers were taking right and also they had been just listening to the requirement of manufacturer.

After participating in the F1 network, the Honda endured that three awful seasons with McLaren in that its engine was under powered, regularly disapproved and also untrustworthy as well. In this rebuilding year with Toro Rosso, the junior team of red bull was sufficient to make it a shot with the outfit of race winning again and again. As a managing director of F1, the new responsibility of Yamamoto has been its common motor sport boss, which could be a sign of the concentrate of Honda and offer its F1 project. He also said that his role will be make sure that the technical team has a more convenient atmosphere to work in and also carry out the relationship with the upper management of Honda.

As Honda, when you join in any division of motor sport, the main aim is to win, as said Yamamoto. Before you have started with red bull, it has been explained the details to the management of how you are going to reach it out. Also then, they convinced the upper management. So, the company is feeling now that the people here have an equivalent direction towards winning. Overall, the F1 needs to make the best action and also bring back the cars very closer and then build the drivers as heroes as well as create the business more sustainable. Thus, this strategy group was followed by a meeting of F1 commission.